Apple just revealed the date when you can expect your iPhone to be updated to the latest iOS 9 operating system: September 16. The gallery above is a look at some of the photos we’ve snapped while testing earlier beta versions of the operating system, which have been available to developers and the public.

iOS 9 brings a bunch of new features to your Apple devices. That includes split-screen view for the iPad. Siri is also smarter. There’s a new Proactive Assistant feature and an intelligent version of search. The update also rebrands Passbook as Wallet while adding a few small improvements. Apple even did some work to make sure iOS 9 won’t take up as much space as previous updates, making it a lot easier to download and install.

Once the new iPhones arrive iOS 9 will also pave the way for some cool features like 3D Touch. Starting on September 16 though, you can check out the finalized version starting next week.