Apple has already released three betas of iOS 9 for developers, but for the first time ever it’s now allowing consumers in on the testing fun, too. The iOS 9 public beta is now available for download, and all you have to do is sign up to use it — no developer fees or any hoops to jump through.

You’re still testing beta software, however, and you should expect bugs and performance hiccups here and there. Typically, however, Apple’s public preview software — which first started with OS X Yosemite — has been stable enough for a relatively comfortable experience. We hope the same applies with its first iOS public preview.

Wondering how to get it? First, back up your iPhone and then follow the source link below, where you’ll download a special iOS profile that identifies you as a preview tester. After that, restart your iPhone and then check for an update in settings. That’s it, you’ll be on your way to running Apple’s newest version of iOS.