Apple finally has a bonafide Google Now competitor. At WWDC on Monday, Apple said a big part of iOS 9 was intelligence, talking a lot about being “proactive.”

A lot of Proactive hinges on the intelligence of Siri. Going forward, she’ll know how to react based on what you do. If you plug in your headphones, she’ll start playing music. When you get in your car, she’ll cue up an audiobook. Pretty much it’s exactly as the rumors suggested, and is designed to make the entire experience of iOS smarter.

There’s also a new suggest app feature provided by Siri. Spotlight and Siri will now be more integrated, and suggest things you might want to do or people you might want to contact based on your email and calendar. Just pull down the Spotlight shade and you’ll now see a much more lively screen.

Apple is also introducing an API for search. In iOS 9, when a user performs a search, Apple will be able to find the content behind the apps already on your device. Much of the stuff Apple is talking about takes place right on your device, rather than happening in the cloud (ahem, Google). Apple said this is meant to give users peace of mind and greater security, clearly taking a shot at Google’s data mining.

Finally, Apple said that getting Mail on your phone will automatically add it to your calendar, though I’m sure you can probably turn that off.