9to5Mac reports that Apple may include a new app in iOS 9 designed specifically for its new HomeKit platform. "Home" will apparently let you control all your connected gadgets, appliances and accessories from one place on your iPhone or iPad.

Home is still "fairly basic," but it includes some interesting features. The app can apparently seek out, connect to and set up HomeKit devices wirelessly. It may also group connected gadgets by room, creating a "virtual representation" of your home. As expected, Apple TV will also act as a central hub for the entire experience. The Home app icon is described as an image of a house against a "dark yellow background."

We may get a look at Home as soon as next month during Apple's annual developer's conference. The company typically uses WWDC as an opportunity to show off the latest version of iOS and OS X, though that doesn't necessarily mean this rumored software will make the cut. Then again, Apple recently promised the first HomeKit devices would ship in June, suggesting some big news could be right around the corner.