Apple has introduced a new iCloud Drive app that will be baked into its big iOS 9 upgrade coming this fall. The app provides access to all of the files you have stored in iCloud Drive, but it's hidden by default and has to be activated manually.

If you're running the iOS 9 developer beta, you can active the iCloud Drive app from within the iCloud section of the settings app. Its icon will then be added to your home screen.

When the iCloud Drive app was first spotted by 9to5Mac following the release of the iOS 9 beta on Monday, it didn't appear to be working. However, on my iPhone 6, I can view all of the files I have stored in iCloud Drive, and open them directly.

The app also allows you to move and delete files, and search for documents, images, videos, and other items.

It's unclear why Apple makes the iCloud Drive app hidden — perhaps to save clutter on the home screen. But maybe that will change by the time iOS 9 goes public this fall. In the meantime, it's incredibly easy to activate it manually.