The Apple Inc. logo hangs inside the newest Apple Store in New York City's Grand Central Station

Apple has introduced plenty of impressive new features to iOS in the past few years, including Apple Pay, Continuity and Touch ID—to name just a few. However, the company's next major iOS upgrade may focus more on fixing bugs and improving stability than adding new features, 9to5Mac reports.

iOS 9 will apparently focus on less flashy improvements, and Apple is putting a big emphasis on squashing bugs included in iOS 8 while also offering a stable and optimized experience. The company also hopes to make iOS 9 a smaller and more manageable download, especially for anyone using an iOS device with just 16GB of storage.

We have definitely noticed a decent number of bugs in iOS 8, and while Apple still manages to offer a pretty smooth experience there's plenty of room to improve. iOS 9 could be like Snow Leopard for mobile, though that doesn't mean the company won't introduce a few new features as well.

Apple Maps in particular is due for an upgrade. We're expecting the company to announce public transit directions and indoor mapping. Cupertino also appears to be testing its own Street View-style vans, though that may not be ready for a public launch in time for iOS 9.