Apple just released iOS 9 beta 5 to developers. The release, which we’ll dig through as soon as we get it installed on our iOS 9 beta device, should offer several new features that will eventually filter down to the iOS 9 public beta and, this fall, to iOS users everywhere. The software is available now, and developers who are registered with Apple’s program should find it for the iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

We don’t know what’s included in this release, but as we approach September we should start to see it become much more stable and usable. iOS 9 will eventually deliver plenty of new features include a revamped version of Siri, a new Spotlight search tool that will exist to the left of the main homepage, public transit in the revamped Apple Maps application, Apple News and the promise of about an hour of additional battery life. Most of those features have been available in earlier beta versions.

We will dig through the latest update in the next few hours and days and we’ll report anything major that we notice.

Update: It looks like there are, at the very least, some new wallpapers to play with. 9to5Mac also said that there’s the addition of AT&T Wi-Fi calling support, though it doesn’t work yet, changes to the keyboard, CarPlay changes, a new Calendar intro screen and more.