Apple on Thursday released yet another beta—by our count, we’re up to number five—and in the process introducing a lot of little fixes here and there. We already know the big features coming to iOS 9, but it’s clear Apple is still tweaking and changing some smaller features here and there. Things you might not really notice unless someone pointed it out to you.

A lot of that is happening in iOS beta 5. You only really notice the changes if you’re actively looking for them, or someone points them out. Things like Wi-Fi Calling support for AT&T, or a new Shuffle All button under My Music in the Music app; CarPlay now supports Beats 1 and Apple Music features, too.

We’re quickly coming up on September, which means we can probably expect the iOS 9 GM to be out pretty soon here; if not the next beta, definitely the one after that. That means what you’re seeing here in beta 5 is close to what will be on millions of devices in just a few months. The experience is tight, as expected, and the new additions make iOS more enjoyable to use.

Perhaps the most notable addition to this beta is the inclusion of new wallpapers, which are mostly abstract landscape photos. Fun! And pretty. But nothing major.

There are a few other new additions, which you can see in action in the video above. We’re almost to the finish line. Until then, check out our hands on of iOS 9 beta 5. Let us know if you have discovered anything new in the comments down below.

  • Wi-Fi Calling support for AT&T
  • CarPlay enhancements
  • New wallpapers
  • “Shuffle All” option in Music
  • New Calendar features
  • Keyboard tweaks
  • Wi-Fi Assist