Apple's iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan betas have been available for more than two months now, and testers are still discovering news features. One that has gone largely unnoticed until now is built-in flight tracking.

Both of Apple's next-generation operating systems boast a "flight data detector," 9to5Mac reports, and it works just like the phone number detector that's been baked into iOS since the platform made its debut on the original iPhone.

When a flight number is detected, then, iOS 9 and El Capitan automatically display it as a link, and you can click it to instantly fetch information about that flight.

"To start, type both the airline and flight number including the number sign into a text field (example: US Airways #654)," 9to5Mac explains. "After typing each airline and flight number, iOS 9 automatically recognized the data format as an existing flight and created an actionable link out of the text."

In addition to displaying flight data like departure and arrival terminals and times, and flight status, users can also track the flight in Apple Maps. It's thought to be an approximate location, so it won't be as accurate as a service such as, but still, it's useful to have.

iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan will be free updates when they make their public debuts this fall.