iPhone 6 Plus Space Gray-2

When Apple takes the stage at WWDC in early June, don't expect the company to introduce major changes to iOS and OS X. 9to5Mac reports Apple is, for the most part, going to focus on making under-the-hood improvements, with particular emphasis on security, stability and performance. Think of this year's update as more of a Snow Leopard-style update, which was more concerned with tightening up loose ends.

We already know some of the new features that are supposedly coming to iOS 9, including multi-window support, a new Home application, and the introduction of Apple's font, San Francisco. On the desktop side, we haven't heard much; however, 9to5Mac claims that rather than launching new features annually, Apple has decided to instead focus on making the OS as fast and secure as possible.

There might be a few new features, however. 9to5Mac says one of the biggest additions to OS X 10.11 will be Control Center, which is already found in iOS. The desktop implementation will reportedly come from the left side of the screen, and feature controls for music, AirPlay, and more. Apple has apparently been working on this feature for a while now, though 9to5Mac says Control Center could be pushed back. To when, we don't know.

Meanwhile, Apple is said to be working on a number of security upgrades for both OS X and iOS, including a feature called Rootless, which is being described internally among Apple employees as "huge." This feature will apparently provide unprecedented security, even preventing administrative-level users from being able to access protected files on Apple devices, 9to5Mac said. The Rootless feature is expected to be so big that it will "be a heavy blow to the jailbreak community."

9to5Mac details some other features coming to iOS and OS X in its report, so check it out at the source link below. From a feature standpoint, the new updates sound like they'll be disappointing, especially for anyone hoping for Apple to loosen up the customizability in iOS. From a developer standpoint, however, it sounds like both iOS and OS X are about to get even better.

We'll find out everything at WWDC next month.