Apple is still testing out its iOS 9.3 update, and a recent beta includes an interesting new feature. Once the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system hits it should be very easy to find out if a company-issued iPhone is being tracked by your employer.

The information is displayed in two places. You’ll see it on the lockscreen where the message “This iPhone is managed by your organisation” appears near the bottom of the screen. Jumping into the About menu in Settings will reveal more detailed information on how your company is monitoring your activity.

Apple already lets companies track iPhones issued to employees through a Mobile Device Management program. However, this is the first time people will be able to easily check if their employer is keeping tabs on them. That’s a good thing for employees, but we have a feeling some companies may not like this new feature, especially those that might not want their employees to feel like they’re always being watched.

iOS 9.3 also adds a handful of additional features, including an improved version of Notes, new 3D Touch actions for some of its own apps, Night Shift, Wi-Fi calling for Verizon and some CarPlay enhancements. The update is expected to get an official release later this month following Apple’s rumored March event.