Apple released iOS 9.2 beta 2 to developers on Tuesday and, right on schedule a day later, it pushed out the same release to public beta testers. Yesterday we were only aware that it probably included some performance enhancements and bug fixes, in addition to support for Safari extensions that was delivered in the first beta, but now 9to5Mac found something even more exciting.

iOS 9.2 beta 2 apparently includes NumberSync, which is going to change the way we use LTE devices on the network. It will eventually allow you to place and receive phone calls from devices such as the Gear S2 and LG Watch Urbane 2, even when your phone isn’t around, and that same tech will apply to iOS devices. 9to5Mac suggests that you should be able to place/receive phone Wi-Fi calls from your iPad or your Mac under the same circumstances, even if your phone isn’t in sight. Just open up your iPad or Mac, dial the number for the person you’re trying to reach, and carry on as if you’re actually using your iPhone to place the call.

Public beta testers should be able to find the update in the Settings menu now.