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Apple released the first beta of iOS 9.2 on Tuesday, following the official release of iOS 9.1, which included new Emoji, last week.

There are a few noticeable differences in the iOS 9.2 beta 1 release, according to MacRumors. The site dug through some of the code and found that there’s new “Action Extensions” support in Safari that allows third-party applications to tap into Apple’s mobile Web browser.

One example is 1Password, which can auto-fill passwords if consumers have that app installed and give it permission to do so. That’s pretty useful, it eliminates a step for folks who otherwise first open the 1Password app and then launch into Safari, and one can see how it might enable other similarly powerful extensions.

MacRumors said there’s also a new option to reload in desktop view, or to reload a Website “without content blockers” if an end-user long taps on the reload option


The release is also expected to squash some bugs and performance issues that remain in iOS 9.1, and we suspect additional features may be discovered or added as iOS 9.2 progresses through the developer beta process.