Need an iOS 8 refresher course? If Apple's own changelog isn't doing it for you, perhaps you'd prefer more of a visual rundown of what to expect after you update. Compared to iOS 7, the changes this year aren't quite as obvious; you'll notice some new apps, and Notification Center will look slightly different. But there's much, more more to dig through in terms of features, and our handy video sums it right up.

Probably the biggest changes Apple made is third-party support for Touch ID and alternative keyboards. Although Apple's stock keyboard now offers predictive text and learns how you type, there are some great third-party choices out there, such as SwiftyKey and Swype, both of which are available now in the iOS App Store. Not everyone is into the swipe method, but it sure saves a lot of time when you need to fire off a quick messages.

This is just the tip of the iOS 8 iceberg. There's also a new Health app, camera features (like time-lapse), Family Sharing, Spotlight, improved Mail, and much more. Check out the video to get the full rundown of Apple's new mobile future. It might not be the big sea change we saw last year, but it's a great platform that shows Apple is willing to make the software more open.