We just downloaded iOS 8 Beta and we’re going through grabbing screenshots of all of the new features. In the gallery above, you’ll be able to see a lot of the new features, some of our favorites, which we’ve included screenshots of in the gallery above, include:

  • You can now have your device automatically delete messages  after 30 days or 1 year, instead of leaving them permanently on the device.
  • You can respond with a voice message.
  • The predictive keyboard works pretty well, and looks cool, too.
  • You can choose from a gallery of photos to include in an MMS.
  • Spotlight now searches Safari, Music, Apps, movie showtimes, the App Store and so much more.
  • Health app – lets you track a ridiculous amount of data including body mass index, body fat percentage, height, body mass, lean body mass, distance, calories, activity, flights climbed, steps, basal calories, NikeFuel and More.
  • Health app lets you create a medical ID with emergency info about yourself.
  • Family Sharing lets you share music, movies, apps, photos and other downloads with other iTunes accounts.
  • Can mute group messages, share location and more.
  • Can now view battery percentage used by each individual application.
  • Can say “Hey Siri” while your device is plugged in to launch Siri.

Some of these features were discussed by Tim Cook and his team today, and we’re sure we’ll discover a lot more as we use iOS 8. For now, enjoy the new changes and we’ll be sure to report back with anything else we find.