iOS 8 adoption might have been off to a slow start, at least according to research provided by Chitika and compared to iOS 7, but it’s picking up steam quickly.

Just last month, Apple said that the iOS 8 install base was already at 46 percent. Now, according to fresh data, it’s already installed on more than half of the iOS devices out there.


Apple’s App Store distribution page, which keeps track of the iOS install base across various iterations of the mobile operating system, now says that iOS 8 is installed on 52 percent of devices. iOS 7 is still on a large chunk of iPads, iPod touch and iPhone units, with a 43 percent install base, while 5 percent of iOS devices are still lagging behind on even older versions of the operating system.

We suspect the rapid increase in adoption can be attributed to new sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in addition to the release of the new iPads. Also, Apple’s iOS 8 is a free over-the-air update that’s easy to apply, and one that isn’t constrained to approval by individual carriers, as is the case with other operating systems. As such, Apple’s ability to push new updates to a bulk of phones is easier than it is for competitors.