Apple's iOS 8 operating system is installed on more devices than ever. The company's latest data shows that iOS 8, and all versions of it, is now installed on more than 77 percent of all iOS devices. iOS 7 is still installed on 20 percent of all iOS products and 3 percent of all other iOS devices are running an older version of the mobile operating system.

This is in contrast to the latest major Android release, Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is installed on just 3.3 percent of all Android devices. It shows that Apple's approach to making the software widely available to all is probably the better approach. Android faces some headwinds with thousands of device makers making hardware, which means updates need to be distributed by the OEMs and, in the United States, approved by wireless carriers for each individual device model. The Lollipop install base will likely increase as new handsets, such as the One M9, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, hit the market.

Apple doesn't break its distribution numbers down by each iteration of iOS 8, however, so we don't know how many devices are already running the latest version of the software, which adds support for the Apple Watch.