Apple iPhone 6-4

No, you’re not crazy; if you’ve noticed that iOS 8 feels particularly buggy you aren’t alone. New research shows that Apple’s latest mobile operating system, which started to roll out to devices including the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone last week, is buggier than Apple’s last generation iOS 7 operating system by a large margin.

According to a report from Crittercism, cited by ZDNet, iOS 8 crashes 78 percent more than iOS 7. The crash rate is a bit lower on the iPhone 6, around 2.63 percent, and on the iPhone 6 Plus, 2.11 percent, but iOS 8 crashes about 3.57 percent of the time on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the data shows. Meanwhile, ZDNet said that data collected from all devices running iOS 7 has an average crash rate of 2 percent.


So what gives?

iOS 8 does seem buggy out of the gate, but we have to keep in mind that it’s the first public release of the new operating system. We don’t know what version of iOS 7 Crittercism is tracking but suspect it’s the most recent release, iOS 7.1.2 that was released in June, which means Apple spent plenty of time addressing all bugs.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the first patch for iOS 8. Right now iOS 8.0.1 is apparently already on deck to fix several issues related to the phone app, the keyboard, Safari, sharing, VPN and more. Hopefully that helps alleviate some of the crashing issues.