We’re usually covering hardware concepts, most recently those created by artists who have their own visions for the iPhone 6, but now we get to see the software side of things. An artist named Ryan Gilsdorf recently created a concept version of iOS 8, imagining some features that he thinks could be useful.

One feature that we can get on board with is a full-screen version of control center. The control center was introduced in iOS 7 and brings up several settings options with a simple swipe from the bottom of the screen. Gilsdorf imagines an even more robust experience, with full album art for music and more. In this area, a user can swipe the album art aside to access widgets, including a calendar and the weather.

Gosling imagines giving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dedicated buttons in control center for quicker access to actually choosing the Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth gadget you want to connect to. With the recent influx of Bluetooth-enabled products, especially wearables, this could be super useful.

It’s a concept so, really, Gosling can imagine whatever he wants. We think one feature is particularly far fetched. There’s an option in the video to tweak app icons, which is an option available on Android but one that is so far not in iOS. You can use it to remove or add drop shadows, remove and add icon label text, change icon radius sizes, tweak transparency and color settings and more. Apple is particularly controlling on how its devices look and feel, so we don’t really see this ever coming to fruition.

You can already search an iPhone by swiping down, an option that appears in this video, but Gosling also imagines swiping up, presumably in a way that doesn’t open the control settings panel, to use gestures for launching specific apps. Finally, there’s also a redesigned Siri interface that imagines a version of Siri that’s more capable of learning from her mistakes.

Again, this is all in good fun and isn’t something Apple is working on, at least not publicly. We’ll know what’s really included in iOS 8 when Apple likely discusses it during WWDC next month.