Apple iPhone 5s-VS-5c-Screen

Yesterday we learned a bit more about what we can expect from iOS 8, including TextEdit and Preview apps. Then, later in the day, we even had a chance to see a couple of leaked screenshots of the new operating system. That's in addition to reports that iOS 8 will also include a dedicated iTunes Radio application and a vastly improved Apple Maps app. Today, 9to5Mac, which has provided most if not all of the information on iOS 8 to date, published new details.

Apple is reportedly working  on making several fixes, and we'll highlight a few that we think are the most noteworthy. Apparently the company is working to auto-delete older threads inside Messages, which means it will automatically free up space for threads that are no longer active. Apple is still considering whether it should delete year-old or six month-old threads.

Additionally, Apple is considering removing Game Center from iOS 8 altogether, instead leaving it up to developers to add the achievements/rankings/etc. inside of their own games. CarPlay may also gain wireless support, which would be a nice upgrade since right now it still requires a Lightning cable to operate. 9to5Mac also said that Apple may change Notifications so that it only shows the most recent notifications in addition to a "Today" view. Right now Notifications has Today, All and Missed views – and it's arguably kind of clunky.

Apple will likely introduce iOS 8 during WWDC in June but it probably won't be pushed out to consumer handsets until later in the year, likely around September when it's expected to announce the next iPhone.