Apple just released iOS 8 beta 2 to developers, the second iteration of the mobile operating system that it introduced during its Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month. We typically expected beta operating systems to be buggy, as they always are, but we have noticed that the first version of iOS 8 is particularly prone to crashing — like when you open the Settings menu, for example — so hopefully iOS 8 beta 2 fixes some of those initial issues.

The update carries build number 12A4297e, according to MacRumors, and can be applied over-the-air to devices already running iOS 8 through the settings menu. We don't yet know what kind of changes there are in this release, though suspect most will apply to stability. Typically, Apple will release its new beta operating systems every few weeks until it finally launches a Gold Master (GM) version, and then publishes the final version to all consumers when it launches the new iPhone. The iPhone 6 is expected to launch in September, so that's when the final version of iOS 8 should hit as well.

We'll dig around for some changes and let you know if we spot anything major. Sometimes Apple makes a few noteworthy tweaks along the way, which is always a treat for folks who have the early beta builds installed.