Apple released iOS 8.3 to the public on Wednesday, and it includes several major changes including the addition of new Emoji, a keyboard spacebar fix and support for wireless CarPlay. It also appears to have broken Touch ID for some users.

Reports recently surfaced on Reddit that Touch ID is no longer working in the App Store. Instead, Apple asks for your iTunes password each time you try to make a purchase. We tried this for ourselves to see if it was really an issue, and found that we were also prompted for our password instead of Touch ID. This was a problem even though Touch ID was set as the default payment option in the App Store, and it happened in two instances.

MacRumors points out that it doesn't seem to be affecting everyone, which is strange. We're not sure why it's a bug for some people and not for others, but it apparently affects the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. The good news is you can always still use your password to make a purchase, though it's kind of a pain for folks who are already accustomed to using a quick finger tap to place an order.

Hopefully Apple releases a fix soon.