We've been slowly tracking the progress of iOS 8.3, and now that regular Joes like us can test out the unfinished software, we thought we'd make a video about everything that's new.

With beta releases, it's more like a game of discovery; Apple doesn't always outright say what new features it's implementing, instead focusing on bug fixes and other optimizations. But we've found some stuff, which you see check out in the video above.

One thing everyone has been talking about is Apple's inclusion of more diverse emoji. Going forward, you'll actually be able to pick the skin tone of the emoji you want to send, making the experience more inclusive for everyone. You'll see what I mean in the examples shown off in the video. Overall, picking emojis should be easier, too, as they're now on a single scrollable page.

There are a few other changes that we've highlighted before, including a new "Hey Siri" feature, a change in Safari's keyboard, and even filtering for messages. See them in action in the video above.