iPhone 6 review 009

9to5Mac reports that iOS 8.2 is currently set to launch sometime next month. For now, the company is allegedly planning the release for the second week of March, though that could change between now and then.

iOS 8.2 is expected to pave the way for the Apple Watch, which is set to ship a month later in April. The upcoming iOS update could add the necessary support for Apple's first wearable device, including a rumored Apple Watch app. The new software could also include at least one new HealthKit feature, adding support for devices that monitor your blood glucose levels.

If Apple does plan to release iOS 8.2 in March that could mean an Apple Watch launch in early April, which we already know is the company's target month. The company still hasn't revealed its full plans for the new smartwatch, though at this point it looks like the final pieces are starting to fall into place.