Apple iPhone Event 2014 -- Apple Pay 4

Apple Pay is on its way to users, and it appears as though iOS 8.1 is where we may see it activated.

Apple released iOS 8.1 to developers yesterday so they could begin working with it ahead of its public release. Of course they began tearing into it to see what may be lurking inside. Developer Hamza Sood came up with some interesting tidbits almost immediately. First he found a settings page that allows you to add cards, set one of them to default and add information such as billing and shipping addresses.

Passbook settings page leak - 1

Sood also found the Privacy statement and posted one screenshot of what it has to say.

When you choose to add a payment card to Apple Pay, information you provide about your card may be collected in order to determine your eligibility and enable use of the feature. Information about your payment card, including your credit or debit card number, the name and billing address associated with your account, general information about your iTunes and App Store account activity (e.g., whether you have a long history of transactions within iTunes), information about your device (e.g., the name of your device), as well as your location at the time you add your card (if you have Location Services enabled), may be sent to Apple and provided by Apple to your card issuer and payment network in order to determine the eligibility of your card, for fraud detection purposes and to facilitate your use of the Apple Pay feature.

When you make an Apple Pay transaction, your payment information will be provided to the merchant where you make a purchase. The card number from your credit or debit card is not provided to the merchant by Apple.

In addition to this information, when you choose to use Apple Pay to make payments in apps, your zip code will be provided to merchants in order to enable tax and shipping cost…

Also of interest was this line of code that Sood discovered.

Pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.

While it has been assumed since the introduction of Touch ID last year that it would arrive on the iPad Air 2 this year, this is the best confirmation we’ve seen so far.

Sood said in a later tweet that there was no indication of NFC for the iPad and that this appeared to be just for purchases made through apps.

With Apple Pay set to launch in Oct. according to the original announcement, it looks like that is probably a good indication of when we’ll see iOS 8.1 launch. Hopefully it just goes smoother than the recent iOS 8.0.1 rollout.