iOS 7 on iPhone 4S - WWDC 2013

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is just about a month away, and we’re expecting the company to provide a lot of detail on the next version of OS X and iOS. Just ahead of the final announcement, however, MacRumors recently noticed a spike in web traffic accessing its site from devices that identify themselves as running iOS 7. Check out the image below:


TechCrunch recently spoke with a company called Onswipe that noticed a similar bump in iOS traffic. On May 2 Onswipe had the most iOS 7 traffic it had ever seen — about 23 percent of all iOS devices accessing Onswipe sites were running the new operating system. Most of that traffic was coming from San Francisco and, of course, Apple’s hometown of Cupertino.

We know that iOS 7 will feature a new user interface and that it will likely make its debut on the iPhone 5S but will likely run on Apple’s older iPhone and iPad devices, too.