iOS 7 on iPhone 4S - WWDC 2013

What if all the rumors we've heard about iOS 7 up until this point have been inaccurate? With Jony Ive in charge of Apple's mobile OS following Scott Forstall's departure, the disappearance of skeuomorphism certainly sounds like a feasible direction for the company to go in. But rather than making the mobile experience more flat, what if it was described as "polarizing?"

According to Daring Fireball's John Gruber, who admitted he knows next to nothing about the upcoming OS, sources are saying "all the leaks are wrong." When asked if iOS 7 would be flat, Gruber bluntly said, "No, polarizing." The banners currently up in Moscone West suggest an even more minimalist approach is being taken this go around, while Apple's own WWDC app is devoid of pop and flash.

"The one thing I keep hearing over and over again from friend who would know, the one word I keep hearing is that some of the stuff [Apple is] going to show is 'polarizing.'" Gruber said.

All the talk about a flatter iOS 7 up to this point made it seem like a lock. But now suddenly someone who would know is being told everything we've heard is wrong. Apple has either been duping us for the last few months or Gruber's own sources are attempting to pull a fast one. Either way, we'll find out tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT.