We've seen quite a few iOS 7 concept videos, and we dig them because Apple will very likely unveil its revamped mobile operating system during its WWDC keynote on June 10. The latest video made by Rafael Justino is rather simple; it imagines a revamped compass, address book, calculator and several other small aspects within iOS, but then shows off a part of the notification shade with widgets.

Yes, finally widgets. This is, again, just a concept video but we can see how Apple might implement them into iOS should it decide to do so. There's a Flipboard widget for quickly browsing news headlines, one for the weather, another for music and even one for managing several for system controls, such as Wi-Fi or the screen brightness.

The lock screen is also revamped with quick access to Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb and Location controls. There's also fast access to the camera, the browser, text messaging and your phone dialer on the lock screen. You should probably skip to the 2 minute mark where stuff starts to get compelling, and we admit the designer imagines some features that seem pretty useless, but it's still a step-up from what iOS 6 currently offers.