We’re loving all of the iOS 7 concept videos and photos that are being developed, and the latest imagines what a revamped Safari might look like. The video above was created by artists—Tim Nikischin and Marc Philip Haesen—who simply wanted to re-imagine Safari; this isn’t an official video from Apple.

We love the easy tab-based browsing that allows you to move between tabs with a simple swipe across the display. In addition, it looks like there’s an easy tab management tool, complete with thumbnails, that’s visible with a swipe up. A simple swipe on an open tab will close the Web site out completely. Bookmarks, too, have been re-imagined and also feature beautiful thumbnails with site logos for each page.

We expect Apple will discuss iOS 7 and all of its new features during WWDC in early June. Hopefully we’re treated to a few of the amazing designs that have been thought up by fans.