Often the best iOS features are simple concepts thought up by spirited developers and designers. And they always have us wondering: why can’t Apple come up with the same ideas? We’ve seen some pretty great ways the company can freshen up iOS before, and this is yet another video that imagines a newer, better mobile experience. Jony Ive, please sit back and take note.

Created by Ran Avni, and done up in Apple’s familiar snappy style, these iOS 7 concepts imagine an improved lock screen, quick settings, an easy way to access widgets and mission control. None of what we’re seeing here is new, but it further enforces the community’s desire for an improved iOS. Want to quickly access a widget? Simply double tap an icon and it’ll pop right up. It’s a unique way to handle widgets, which Apple seems keen on ignoring.

Avni’s concepts aren’t overly complicated, and actually look like they’d improve on the experience quite a bit without isolating users that don’t grasp tech as quickly as others. iOS 7 is on the way, that much we know. Plenty of attention will be on Apple once it finally unveils the new iOS, more so than any iPad or iPhone. Hopefully the company can deliver.