iOS 7 is still in development, with an official release expected in Sept. 2013, but it looks like one Apple hacker may have already cracked the redesigned software, posting proof of an iOS 7 jailbreak on Twitter last night.

The first iOS 7 jailbreak comes from Ryan Petrich, who’s brought us a number of iPhone tweaks in the past including Activator, DietBar, FullForce and LiveClock (which was integrated into the redesigned official Clock icon). Petrich didn’t actually mention the word jailbreak on Twitter, instead posting an error message suggesting he attempted to run Activator on iOS 7 which would imply that he was first able to jailbreak the new software.

When iOS 6 was released we saw plenty of successful jailbreaks before a stable untethered version was released to the general public, and we expect the same is true with iOS 7. Still, Petrich’s tweet is good news considering that there’s always the distinct possibility Apple will make each new iOS impossible to jailbreak once and for all. And don’t rule out P0isxninja, who recently promise to release something “bigger than jailbreak.”