iPad Air, iPad 4 Stacked

iOS 7.1 was released to the masses on Monday. Apple already published a changelog with most of the front-facing changes, like some UI tweaks, performance enhancements and CarPlay support, but there may be more to the story. iClarified noticed that Apple published firmware for two models of the iPad that don't currently exist.

The site found that iOS 7.1 supports several iPads, but that new software is available for two models — iPad 4,3 and iPad 4,6— that haven't been discussed before. The most recent iPads, the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display, are referred to as iPad 4,1 (iPad Air with Wi-Fi), iPad 4,2 (iPad Air with Wi-Fi and Cellular), the iPad 4,4 (iPad mini with Retina Wi-Fi) and the iPad 4,5 (iPad mini with Retina and Wi-Fi and Cellular).

We don't yet know what iPads these are, though the number scheme suggests there's a variant of the iPad Air (4,3) and a variant of the iPad mini with Retina (4,6) that we haven't seen yet. iClarified suggests it's likely new models headed to China, and that makes the most sense to us. Either way, we aren't looking at major overhauls.