Facebook has gotten deeply integrated into iOS 6, with some new features that social network hounds might find really convenient and welcome.

Users can now login from the settings, directly share from within apps (like photos or Safari) and share locations from within Maps. It's also integrated into the app store and itunes (so you can share and "like" apps, movies and music) as well as Game Center, and you can set updates to show up into the Notification Center.

Speaking of the Notifications Center, there's also a nifty new tap-to-post feature for both Twitter and Facebook built right in.

But what could be the handiest parts are the contact integration and the ability for Facebook events to show up in calendars and birthdays.

More is sure to come, since Apple worked up an API, so developers can add this functionality to any of their apps.

Are you happy that Apple baked Facebook right into iOS? Weigh in.