When iOS 6.1.3 hits, it'll put a stop to the evasi0n jailbreak, according to evad3rs team member planetbeing. Beta 2 of the OS hit just a few days ago; at the time, it was unclear if the software, which fixes that passcode security exploit, put an end to the massively popular jailbreak tool.

Planetbeing tested 6.1.3 over the weekend and found that one of the five exploits evasi0n uses was repaired. "The beta update likely signals the end of using evasi0n to hack new or updated devices after the updates is released to users," planetbeing explained. He said he's further investigating to see what other vulnerabilities were patched.

Apple has been quick to roll out iOS updates over the past few weeks, but evasi0n still endured. Planetbeing said that while some vulnerabilities are being closed, the team has already discovered new ones, so the cat and mouse game will likely continue on even when iOS 6.1.3 officially hits.