Things can go a little hinky whenever a new software update comes out. And so maybe it shouldn't surprise anyone that iOS 6.1.3, which released earlier this month to fix a lockscreen bug, might kick up some glitches itself.

Some users on Apple Support forums are complaining that, after downloading and installing the latest update, the battery drain on their iOS devices has accelerated. Commenters have tried the usual route of shutting down notifications, tweaking location settings and restoring to factory settings, but nothing seems to help. A few people on the boards blame a Microsoft Exchange bug for zapping the battery, though this doesn't appear to be a universal problem.

In addition, some (though not all ) users also say they're experiencing Wi-Fi issues, with wireless connections being grayed out or otherwise not functioning. This isn't entirely new, though. It first reared its ugly head in iOS 6.0, then vanished with subsequent updates, only to return with 6.1.3.

And to add insult to injury, even though the incremental update was pushed out to address security vulnerabilities, lockscreen issues still persist.

If you haven't updated yet, I'd advise against doing so unless you absolutely have to. If you've already done it and have spotted these problems in your own devices, hang tight. Hopefully a solution will be forthcoming. Have you noticed any of these behaviors in your own iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Report in and let us if you experienced these problems too, what you saw and what device you're using.