iOS 5While it’s no secret that Apple is attempting to remove the computer from the iOS update equation, what has been up in the air was if it would only work via Wi-Fi, or could you do it over your cellular network.  Well … yes and no would seem to be the answer.

The folks over 9to5Mac have poked around in the iOS 5 beta SDK (software development kit) and come up with wording that shows at least some updates will give you the option of using your 3G connection or Wi-Fi.

iOS 5 Wi-Fi updates

While exciting news, it also appears that major updates will be restricted to Wi-Fi, but minor ones you can do on the fly no matter where you are.  In other words, updating to 5.1 may be okay over 3G, but upgrading to 6.0 would take a regular wireless network connection while you’re at home or work.

There are two caveats to the 3G aspect of this: Carriers aren’t required to allow you to do this and will you have enough battery life.  While the former is up in the air until each carrier the iPhone says otherwise, the latter just makes sense as no one wants their battery giving out during an important OS update.

What do you think about updating iOS while you’re walking down the street?

[via 9to5Mac]