I’ve had about three days with Apple’s new iOS 5, and with each passing sunset I’m learning more about what it does and doesn’t do.  In my third installment (first observations here and second here) I’d like to share a bit more about what you’ll find when you make the upgrade in the fall.

  • Backing up my phone took 2.3 of my 5 GB of iCloud storage
  • There is an option to ‘Buy More Storage’ but it’s not active yet
  • The first backup took about an hour over Wi-Fi, but backing up the Delta (changes since the 1st one) have only taken a few minutes
  • It will backup automatically when it’s connected to W-iFi and plugged in
  • You can manually have it back up when not plugged into power, but you’ll still need Wi-Fi
  • You can change the Apple ID you purchase with from the settings, allowing you to access iCloud with one ID when you first setup your device, and another ID for purchasing (I would assume however that this won’t be the case when the OS is released to the public)
  • When a phone call comes in from a number not in your contacts, the region where the area code is from (see Seattle, WA image) shows up right below the phone number. Very handy.
  • You can set reminders at a location now. For example “Remind me to buy candy when I walk into the grocery store.”
  • The slide to access notifications on the lockscreen do not appear properly calibrated.  It often takes a few swipes to get it to move.
  • The drawer notifications are working very well, and the order they appear can easily be customized in the “Notifications Center”
  • Opening the camera app takes about 5-6 seconds

So far this first beta build has been extremely stable and really without hiccups (save for opening the camera app).   I have been using it as my daily phone, and have been surprisingly satisfied with the performance.  It looks like Apple had iOS 5 pretty close to baked before its beta release.   Is there something you’d like to see covered?

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