I’ve been documenting my experiences with Apple’s new iOS 5 every day since its release (reports on days 1,2,and 3).  Every day there is something new I find buried within the layers of the operating system, and today is no different.

  • Remember what I said about battery life being better?  Scratch that.  At the end of the day I’m about 5-10% lower in juice then I was on iOS4. This should hopefully improve with subsequent beta releases.
  • The photo editing features baked into the operating system are rudimentary, but do work quite well.  Red eye reduction does what its supposed to, and cropping crops.  The phone will keep your previous unedited version as well.
  • As soon as you input a name in the ‘To:’ Field of iMessage, it searches to see if that user is using iOS5.  It takes about a half a second for the whole process.
  • Beta 1 still seems very stable.  I’ve had very few issues using it as my daily driver.
  • It would be great to delete single messages from the notifications pull down.
  • You can set the alert type for different apps.  If you prefer the old style pop-ups, you can switch back.

The notification pull down has already become an integral part of my iOS experience, just as it is in Android.   As soon as this operating system is released to public, it will be hard to remember not having it on an iPhone, much like MMS. Chime in if there is something you want to see or hear discussed.