iPod Touch 5 in question?With the iOS 5 beta out in the wild now, it should come as no surprise that people are tearing into the code to see what they can find about future Apple products.  It isn’t unusual for there to be hints to future iOS devices in the code, and to no one’s big surprise, there are models listed in the USB section that seem to point to the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3.  What is a bit surprising is the lack of an iPod Touch 5.

According to TUAW, while the iPhone models have been seen in previous versions, this is the first time the next model of the iPad has been spotted in the code.  It is the lack of a new iPod Touch which is the most puzzling.  As the leading model of the iPod family by sales, one would easily assume that a fifth generation model was inevitable, and probably still is, but it’s looking like it may not be in Sept.

Rumors have been buzzing around for some time now that the iPhone 5 will launch in Sept., and seeing as that is the target release date for iOS 5, it makes sense.  So, is it possible that Apple is moving the iPod Touch to another launch window so as to not have the two products collide?  Sept. has always made sense to launch the new iPods as they are such a hot gift for the winter holidays, so is Apple willing to forgo that this year just to make the iPhone 5 the star of the fall release cycle?

Like I said, I can’t imagine that there won’t eventually be an iPod Touch 5, it just doesn’t look like it’s happening at the normal time.  of course, it could just be no one thought to put it in the beta yet.  Stranger things have happened.

What do you think?  Is the iPod Touch 5 being moved to some mysterious date in the future to make room for the iPhone 5 this fall?

[via TUAW]