Could we see iOS 5 in April? Rumor has it that Apple will be holding a special media event in April to announce iOS 5 as well as revamp its MobileMe service. The event would likely take place on April 14th or 15th in California, almost exactly a year after the announcement of iOS 4, April 8, 2010.

Many iOS users have been looking for Apple to revamp the iOS operating system (Check out Jon's recent rant on the issue) with updates such as a better notifications system, and lock-screen information. Apple may or may not choose to make those changes come release time for the OS, however, many expect iOS 5 to get a good deal of changes.

MobileMe is also expected to be revamped at the event, going free, and potentially offering cloud-streaming services with iTunes. The MobileMe revamp was expected to happen last week at Apple's iPad 2 event.

What sort of things do you hope to see in iOS 5 and MobileMe? What sorts off changes do you think Apple will actually make?

[via  MacRumors]