Now that iOS 4.2.1 has been available for over a week, more people are finally getting around to updating their software. Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe everyone didn’t take a long lunch, drive home, download and update their iDevices on the day iOS 4.2.1 was released. Unlike most of you visiting TechnoBuffalo, many people simply use their devices for weeks on end without connecting to iTunes.

I digress, as more people update, more people are getting that sinking feeling in their stomachs after the arduous process when, although iTunes says there is a bunch of music and video on their device, when they ios-42-ipod-app-library-bug-fixattempt to access the media they are welcomed with the “no content” message.

This happened to yours truly, and to say I was befuddled is an understatement. The content is there, but iOS is not recognizing it. Before researching to see if this was widespread I simply resynced and the problem was resolved. After the fact I searched the forums, and low and behold I was not an isolated incident as many users had been experiencing the same issue.

Although a simple resync solved my problem it may not solve the issue all the time, but after digging a bit I have read about the sure fire fix. First plug your device back into you computer. Next, in iTunes open your devices menu and play a song listed under music. Finally, sync your device again, you can cancel the backup as you have probably just done this. The content is not actually synced again, but simply reconfigured somehow and the problem is solved.

There always seems to be a small annoying bug in the initial release of a new iOS version and this seems to be it, but I want to know if you have found any other little annoying bugs in iOS 4.2.1. Have you experienced the content bug? Let me know in the comments below.