At WWDC next Monday, Apple is expected to unveil the future of iOS, along with updates to macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. While details surrounding what to expect remain unclear, a new report claims to reveal new features destined for iOS 12.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to unveil a new “Digital Health” feature designed to show users how long they’re spending on their device. The feature is part of a greater initiative to help fight smartphone addiction, which has become a rising concern across the industry.

Earlier this year, Google made a commitment to fighting smartphone addiction with a “digital wellbeing” feature in Android. The feature provides users with a breakdown of how long they’ve spent using their device, how long they’ve spent using an individual app, and how many times they’ve unlocked their device.

The goal of these initiatives is to encourage users to take breaks and disconnect, ultimately leading to less smartphone use.

Another feature headed to iOS 12 will be ARKit 2.0, with features that will allow users to play multiplayer games. The upcoming additions will reportedly act as building blocks for an augmented reality headset planned for a release in 2020, according to Bloomberg.

Aside from that, Bloomberg claims the release of iOS 12 will be relatively muted, as many big features have been pushed back so Apple can focus on stability. The decision to postpone major changes was allegedly made after a number of problems arose following the release of iOS 11, which is just now getting features Apple introduced almost a year ago.

We’ll find out more about iOS 12 when Apple takes the stage next week.