Apple still hasn’t delivered the iOS 11 that was promised back at WWDC, but the company is already gearing up to unleash the next version. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company is hard at work on iOS 12, though it doesn’t sound like the software will introduce many new landmark features.

The report claims Apple is putting a big priority on stability and reliability more than anything else. Which is good! But it means features like a redesigned home screen, updates to stock apps, and other improvements will have to wait until 2019.

The bit about Apple exploring new home screen ideas is particularly intriguing. Sadly, Bloomberg claims Apple won’t share what it’s working on this year. That’s hugely disappointing considering iOS hasn’t undergone a major redesign since iOS 7.

One of the big features that might make it into iOS 12 is a combined apps platform, which will see Apple unify its iOS and macOS apps.

Apple reportedly shifted its strategy following a difficult launch of iOS 11, which saw the company address a number of issues regarding stability. It sounds like Apple is planning to make iOS 12 a technically sound release before moving on to bigger features, like the redesigned home screen.

Bloomberg claims other small changes to iOS 12, such as improvements to FaceTime, will be included in this year’s update.

Apple typically unveils new features destined for iOS at its WWDC, so we should learn more this summer.