When Apple introduced 3D Touch in 2015, one of the best ways it implemented the technology was in the keyboard. Users could firmly press anywhere on the keyboard and it would in turn provide a trackpad, making precise selection much easier. It is an under-the-radar feature that is super useful, and now users of non-3D Touch iPhones can enjoy the feature.

With the release of iOS 12, Apple quietly added the cursor feature to all iPhones, not just 3D Touch devices. It works slightly different on non-3D Touch devices, but when used properly it functions just the same.

Users of the iPhone 6, iPhone SE or the upcoming iPhone XR, which oddly enough doesn’t come with 3D Touch, can press and hold on the space bar for two seconds and the keyboard will turn into a trackpad.

Nothing is more annoying than trying to reach spaces between tiny text with your finger. This feature makes it super easier to precisely select where you want your cursor to go.