Apple on Wednesday released iOS 12 beta 8 to developers, just days after rolling out another beta that users claimed ruined performance. The new update should see things return to normal for users who experienced major slowdown after updating to iOS 12 beta 7.

Things got so bad that Apple pulled the OTA update of iOS 12 beta 7 because of performance issues. Users reported they had better luck with installing the update manually, but Apple pulled all versions of beta 7 to be safe. We updated a device here in the office by downloading the OTA update and noticed a big hit in performance.

The issue is compounded by the fact that Apple also announced its Group FaceTime feature in iOS 12, which allows up to 32 people to FaceTime at once, is being delayed until later this fall. Apple pulled a similar move with iOS 11, delaying the launch of Apple Pay Cash and AirPlay 2 by several months.

When things (hopefully) get back to normal with iOS 12 beta 8, users should notice improved performance, as well as several new features, including grouped notifications and Memoji.

With Apple now on its eighth beta, the company should be mere weeks away from releasing the final version to the public. Last year, Apple released iOS 11 on September 19.