We’re expecting Apple to unveil several changes to iOS at WWDC this June, and a new report claims to have some details about what to expect.

According to The Verifier, Apple is gearing up to make some major improvements to Siri, turning the technology into a smarter, more contextually aware digital assistant. For instance, Siri will reportedly learn a person’s usage habits and offer actions depending on context.

If you’re thinking that sounds similar to Google Assistant, you’d be right. Google’s technology is already capable of understanding context, and is particularly adept at answering follow-up questions. In iOS 11, Siri will apparently be on a par with Google’s AI.

In addition to becoming contextually aware, Siri will reportedly be integrated into iMessage, similarly to how Google Assistant is in Allo. If you’re talking to a friend about eating hamburgers, for example, Siri will be able to provide restaurant suggestions and potentially even book a reservation.

More improvements are on the way

Outside of becoming a bigger part of iOS, Siri is also said to become more important to tvOS and watchOS, too. For tvOS, The Verifier claims Siri will contain a wider range of voice commands. The same report says a future watchOS update will “bring new possibilities,” but it’s unclear what those might be.

With WWDC planned for early June, expect Apple to unveil all the major features coming to iOS 11 very soon, with a final release in the fall.