A gold master version of iOS 11 leaked on Friday evening giving us a good look at some of the news we can expect to hear on Tuesday, Sept. 12, as Apple takes to the stage for its annual iPhone announcement.

The source of the iOS 11 GM copy is unknown, but it was sent out to multiple sites and it indeed looks to the genuine article. Diving into the software there are some are definite gems to be mined.

Apple Watch 3

First up, the Apple Watch app shows an image of what looks to be the Apple Watch 3 with a cellular connection. Overall it has the same design as Apple Watch 2, but it appears it may have a bright red crown dial.

It is believed that this will be an LTE capable phone and will be able to make and receive calls as well as use data without your iPhone being present.

Face ID

9to5Mac notes that there are references to Face ID which appears to be the name for the new facial recognition system that will make its debut with the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Design

There is another image floating around in the software that shows the potential design of the iPhone 8. It shows an outline of the phone with virtually no bezels and a note at the top of the display for the front-facing camera as well as the earpiece for phone calls.

iPhone 8 Navigation

There are two images that show a bar at the bottom of the screen which matches up with the rumor that the lack of a Home button will be replaced with gestures. Pulling up on the bar will take you to the home screen and pulling even further up is said to take you into the app switcher.

iOS 11 Wallpapers

There are a selection of new wallpapers that due to their coloring seem to hint at being optimized for the OLED display of the iPhone 8.

3D Animated Emoji

A new feature found the iOS 11 GM software is a new series of emoji called “Animoji.” The new custom 3D animated emoji will apparently be based on facial expressions sensed by the camera’s new 3D sensing ability.

Here is an example of them in action.

According to developer Steve Stroughton-Smith, the options will include cats, chickens, chimps, dogs, foxes, pandas, pigs, poop, robots, unicorns and more.

Apple will be making its big annual iPhone announcement on Tuesday, Sept. 12, so be sure to keep your eyes on TechnoBuffalo for all of your coverage.