Apple's latest update to iOS was officially unveiled on Monday, and it features a number of big changes. In particular, if you're an iPad user, your productivity is about to go way up thanks to a number of powerful features arriving in iOS 11.

For a thorough breakdown of what features to expect in the update this fall, check out the iOS 11 announcement post. You can also check out a post we did talking about the features Apple didn't mention at WWDC.

Below are the top five features headed to iOS 11:

Augmented reality

With ARKit, Apple's is introducing a new framework that will bring augmented reality to the masses. By utilizing motion sensors and your device's camera, developers will be able to build powerful, compelling AR experiences—and not just for gaming. Apple anticipates the feature to improve shopping, industrial design, and more.

Peer-to-peer payments

Like Square Cash, Venmo, and PayPal, iOS users can easily send money through Messages. Best of all, the new feature will use the credit and debit cards you have in your wallet, so there won't be any extra setup or downloads. Once you receive money, you can use it to pay for apps, buy stuff on the web, or simply cash out to your bank account.

Smarter Siri

With the help of on-device machine learning, Siri will not only sound more natural, but the assistant will be much smarter. By learning your habits, Siri will be able to anticipate what you need and make suggestions. In News, for example, it'll learn the topics you care about and suggest stories that matter to you. Finally, Siri might be on the same level as Google Assistant.

iPad features

The iPad is the biggest beneficiary from the arrival of iOS 11. For one, there will be a File app, allowing users to browse, search, and organize files in one place. The Dock is getting an overhaul, too, making it a swipe away no matter what app you're using. Multitasking, drag and drop, and a QuickType keyboard are other features headed to the iPad this fall, making Apple's tablet more powerful than ever.

Do Not Disturb

It's not a sexy feature, but it's incredibly important. With Do Not Disturb turned on while you're driving, your iPhone will prevent notifications from distracting you. With the feature turned on, people who message you will automatically get a reply that you're driving. Of course, you can set it so certain contacts are able to get through, but it's a great way to keep people from getting distracted by their phones.

The features listed above are but a taste of what iOS 11 has to offer. Apple is also introducing a redesigned App Store, Maps improvements, AirPlay 2, and new features inside the Camera app. Unfortunately, Apple still has an iron grip over how iOS looks and behaves, so our dream of iOS launchers is still just that: a dream.

Even without redesigned icons or the introduction of an app drawer, there's still a lot to like in iOS 11.