Apple released the first beta for iOS 11.3 last week, marking our first look at the next major update arriving to iPhones and iPads. The beta has been scoured through and some sweet additions have been discovered, and slowly more features are being found. The latest one happens to be a much-requested feature: the ability to authenticate family purchases through Face ID.

In debuting Face ID with the iPhone X, Apple had to shift a lot of the tasks that were done with Touch ID. Unfortunately, a lot of the functions weren’t carried over, leading to a lot of frustration. One of these major sources of frustration was the missing ability to approve family purchases with Face ID. Apple is adding the function with iOS 11.3.

The process will work just like it does with Touch ID. At first, a parent will be prompted to approve the purchase by typing in their Apple ID password after which they will be queried if they want to enable Face ID to approve purchases. After the first process, anytime a parent is asked to approve a family purchase, they can do so through Face ID.

Slowly but surely, Apple is adding the same functionality to Face ID that Touch ID possessed. It was bound to be a slow process as the interaction with the devices changed. The return of parent-approved purchases through Face ID is a step in the right direction.