Apple never confirmed “Dark Mode” for iOS 10, despite plenty of rumors and even a teaser from Siri for the new feature. However, it turns out Dark Mode may make the cut after all, with multiple people sharing screenshots from the first beta for confirmation.

Dark Mode is a pretty self-explanatory feature. It changes the color scheme of iOS 10 from white to black, making it easier on the eyes. Apple already offers Night Shift, which alters the color of light emitted by the display to a warmer tone automatically at night so it’s easier to fall asleep. But Dark Mode can be switched on manually whenever you want and also offers a fresh style if you’re bored of the regular iOS design.

The new feature has already been spotted in several of Apple’s stock apps, including Messages, Safari, iTunes, Alarm and iBooks (though some of those already had a similar night theme feature). It’s unclear whether Apple will officially roll out Dark Mode for iOS 10 later this year. It’s apparently still a little buggy but looks pretty good for the most part.